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Schedule It!

Planning an event?
Call us first! The MACA office maintains calendars of all art events as well as listings from the Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau
 We can help you pick a date most suitable for your needs.
Don't go to print until you check our master calendars!

Copy It!

Don't have access to a copy machine? Let us help. As a service
to our members, the first 25 pages of your latest project are free
from the office copying machine. Additional copies can be made
at $.05 a page.

Fax It!

SEND> Our fax machine loves to send stuff so give it a workout.
Local faxes are free no matter how many pages you send. 
Long distance faxes will be offered at a reasonable cost based on
distance and length of call.

RECEIVE>Let us receive your faxes. Just call and let us know
you are expecting a fax and we'll call you when it arrives.
Our fax number: (701) 852-3553

Promote It!

eed help with promotion? Let's pool our resources so we all
benefit. Member organizations(non-profit or not) can receive
lower ad rates with the Minot Daily News by working through
MACA. In return, our name is listed in small print at the
bottom of the ad as a sponsor.

Spend It!

Need advice on grant writitng or what's available in funding?
Give us a call. We make every effort to keep up with state and
 federal grants and can help you in writing and preparation

Display It!

We have a display area available for you to  promote your
upcoming event at the Minot International Airport: two
locked display cases in the baggage claim area. Call the
office for scheduling and dimensions.

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